The American Ninja Warrior National Finals conclude tonight! Someone from Dominique’s past returns on a new episode of Dynasty, and Joanna starts to chart another path for the future on Burden of Truth. 📺 See what’s on live TV where you live with our full TV guide American Ninja Warrior […]

I won’t pat myself too hard on the back for having presumed that the way last week’s episode of Mr. Corman, “Many Worlds”, ended was a hint to the future of the series. As you may recall, that episode spent its entirety asking what other lives Josh Corman (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) […]

This post contains spoilers for Ted Lasso “Beard After Hours.”Read our latest review here. When Apple TV+ expanded Ted Lasso’s second season from 10 to 12 episodes the creative team chose two very different standalone options to accommodate the extra installments. The first is the divisive Christmas outing (I was a fan) and […]

The mediums of animation and movie footage, or live-action, can be employed either exclusively of each other, or used together – a fusion that is increasingly being seen as CGI and digital technologies blur the line between each. There remain, however, key differences between animation and movie footage, which are […]