Apple TV Plus is offering its own way to help mark the somber 20th anniversary of the attacks of 9/11 with a filmed version of the uplifting Broadway production of Come from Away. The award-winning musical (seven Tony nominations in 2017, one win for Best Director), will be available to […]

Following the release of the record-shattering trailer for upcoming Marvel/Sony sequel Spider-Man: No Way Home, many were confused by Doctor Strange’s flippant decision to cast a spell in order to help Peter Parker erase his outing as Spider-Man. Well, Benedict Cumberbatch has now offered some insight into the relationship between […]

Having survived Toradora!’s darkest hour, we arrive at an episode that announces itself with one of the franchise’s greatest assets: Minori Kushieda, and her inexhaustible inventory of weird noises. Minorin’s Whole Deal is one of the most compelling ways Toradora! pushes back against anime romance convention. For as complex as […]