Fri. May 27th, 2022

WWE will reach a bigger audience for this year’s WrestleMania 38 Kickoff show as confirmed today that the USA Network is planning to air the pre-show on April 2nd from 6-8 PM EST.

It will still air on Peacock. As of this writing, it’s unclear whether the network will air the Kickoff show on Sunday as well, but it’s likely. The USA Network has aired previous WrestleMania Kickoff shows. Andrew Zarian Of the Matt Men Podcast first reported that he had heard rumblings of this:

No matches have been confirmed for the Kickoff shows for WrestleMania in Dallas, Texas.

The KO Show segment where Steve Austin will confront Kevin Owens is reportedly slated to headline the first night while WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs. WWE Champion Brock Lesnar in a winner take all title unification bout has been confirmed as the main event of the second night.

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