Fri. May 27th, 2022

Audiences are just on the cusp of seeing Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight in action, but he’s also been cast as another brooding figure: Solid Snake. The actor landed the main role for the Metal Gear Solid movie in December 2020, yet little has been made on that front since. However, the film is seemingly still trying to find itself, as Isaac himself noted that they were still “looking for the story.”

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The Ex Machina star told this to IGN while at a Moon Knight event. When prompted if he had any updates or what preparation has been going on for the film, he gave a quick but vague response.

“We’re searching,” he said. “We’re searching like Solid Snake. We’re climbing through air ducts. We’re looking for the story.”

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The Metal Gear Solid film has crawled ever so slowly over the years and Isaac’s comments imply that it still moving at that glacial pace. And with the lack of updates and Isaac’s comments, it seems as though information won’t be picking up in the near future, at the very least.

This film has been kicking around in some form since 2006. After years of stalling, Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts was in talks with Sony in 2014 to direct the film. Vogt-Roberts, after getting the blessing from Hideo Kojima himself, has provided some updates over the years, although much of it still points to a movie that’s still in very early production. In 2020, he released some concept art for then film as well as a silly Codec conversation with David Hayter, Christopher Randolph, and Paul Eiding reprising their roles as Solid Snake, Otacon, and Colonel Campbell, respectively.

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