Fri. May 27th, 2022

Supermassive Games has been churning out games every year since its 2015 hit Until Dawn. And now it seems like the developer is likely going to release two games this year as it recently announced The Quarry. This “all-new horror experience” is coming out this summer.

The developer didn’t reveal what platforms it would be on, but only that 2K would be publishing it and that a more substantial reveal would be coming on March 17 at 9 a.m. PT. Bandai Namco Entertainment published (and is still publishing) its Dark Pictures games while Sony Interactive Entertainment published Until Dawn and the developer’s many VR titles.

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The teaser is mostly dark as it pans over a police vehicle. The officer is speaking to a few disturbed drivers who are on their way to the camp in a local quarry. The camera then makes its way to the officer who menacingly states that the two won’t be making it to the quarry.

Supermassive is mostly known for its horror games, but it’s unclear how this one will play out. The tweet did say that it will be an “all-new horror experience,” so it’s possible that it may deviate from the studio’s typical choice-driven adventure games.

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The Dark Pictures Season 1 finale is likely going to release later this year, as the teaser trailer for The Devil in Me was located in House of Ashes, the 2021 entry before later making its way to YouTube. These games usually release every holiday season, but it is unconfirmed if the installments in the second season will come out after some sort of a hiatus. Trademarks have spoiled the titles of these next few Dark Pictures games as well as the existence of The Quarry. The trademark popped up last month and Video Games Chronicle corroborated it with its own sources and even reported that 2K would be publishing.

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