Fri. May 27th, 2022

Tenille Dashwood worked hard during her time in WWE, especially in NXT where she was known as Emma. She was then called up to the main roster but Emma was never able to make an impact there. This is especially true for her transformation as Emmalina, which was scrapped right after her first appearance on WWE television.

Tenille Dashwood also loves taking photos in exotic and beautiful places. The Impact Wrestling star became a social media sensation thanks to her various aesthetic photos.

The former WWE Superstar recently took to her Instagram and uploaded a jaw-dropping photo of herself wearing a one-piece bikini. It was also taken against a gorgeous backdrop in Dubai as well.

Where should I go next!? 🤔


Tenille Dashwood currently is part of a tag team called The Influence on Impact Wrestling. They also won the Knockout Tag Team Titles by beating the IInspiration at the Sacrifice event. It remains to be seen how The Influence will be booked as the champions in the coming months.

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