Mon. May 23rd, 2022

Explorers traveling to either California or Florida’s rendition of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will have the opportunity to return home with a souvenir straight out of a Star Wars video game starting this week. The hilt used by Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order protagonist Cal Kestis will be one of the selections at Dok-Ondar’s starting this Friday, March 25, available as a standalone add-on to the lightsaber building experience available at Savi’s Workshop. Theme park guests can sign up to build a lightsaber at the Workshop for $219.99 plus tax, after which they can purchase lightsaber parts from across the greater Star Wars universe for an additional fee.

Cal’s damaged hilt was one of several parts up for a recent fan vote, and the victory in the polls bodes well for the upcoming sequel from publisher Electronic Arts and developer Respawn Entertainment. EA has said that Fallen Order was a hit across the board, one of the few wins it has had since tackling the Star Wars license. Respawn created a great set of characters in its soulslike adventure, and fans clearly want more from that small slice of the Star Wars universe even before the next game arrives.

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For those who don’t regularly visit the castle parks, Galaxy’s Edge is a land park guests can visit at both Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Park in Anaheim. In addition to the lightsaber building, guests can explore the planet of Batuu, ride in an impressive recreation of the Millenium Falcon, and join the Resistance in one of the most impressive dark rides in all of themed entertainment.

Disney also recently debuted the Galatic Starcruiser, a lavish, fully-themed hotel that takes place above the planet in a space station filled with fully fleshed-out Star Wars characters. Much like the lightsaber, staying on the Starcruiser will cost you a pretty penny, but it’s clear that Disney is providing plenty of opportunities for well-off fans to escape to a galaxy far, far away from modern-day America.

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