Fri. May 27th, 2022

Jamie Carragher believes for the first time that Liverpool will win the Premier League title – but Paul Merson is still backing Manchester City.

Jurgen Klopp’s side ended Arsenal’s winning run with a huge 2-0 win at the Emirates Stadium to move within one point of leaders Manchester City.

The two teams still have to play each other at the Etihad Stadium next month but after nine consecutive victories, Carragher believes the momentum is with his former team.

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“It is 50-50, if you like, because of the situation with the game being at the Etihad,” Jamie Carragher told Sky Sports.

“But this is the first time I have ever thought Liverpool would win the title – and I have always said City before a ball was kicked.

“That Chelsea game that was 2-2 and Liverpool were 11 points behind; to be fair, Graeme [Souness] was in the studio saying Liverpool were still in the race and I thought it was well gone.

“Man City are not in bad form, losing lots of games and dropping lots of points. But because these teams are so good now, just drawing a game – it feels like a defeat now. It does feel like that.”

Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah came off the bench to help Liverpool to victory on Wednesday and Carragher believes the January signing of Luis Diaz has been significant.

“I just feel that for Liverpool, the signing of Diaz, not just as an individual but what it has done to their options. What Liverpool brought off the bench is much better than the year they won the Champions League, the year they won the Premier League.

“Now if someone is having a poor game, you know someone is going to come on and improve Liverpool from the bench. That is a massive difference that this team has never had.”

Merson: ‘I’d rather be in City’s position’

Amid the excitement of Liverpool’s win, Merson was keen to stress that the reigning champions do maintain the advantage in the title race.

“You have to remember that they are chasing down one of the best teams in the world and they are still one point behind,” Merson told Sky Sports.

“Write Man City off at your peril.

“Nothing has really changed. Liverpool have to win every game. They still have to win every game this season. City are still one point ahead and they are playing Liverpool at home. If Man City win every game and draw with Liverpool, they win the league.

“You are talking about a Man City team that have won 14 or so games on the trot so many times over the last three or four years. Everyone is celebrating tonight as if they have won it.

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FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from the goalless draw between Crystal Palace and Manchester City

“You have got to remember that City went to Selhurst Park and drew 0-0 but they had enough chances to win two football matches.

“It is not like they are looking like they are not going to score a goal. It is not like you were watching it thinking they are not going to score in a month of Sundays.

“This team can reel off eight wins on the trot like that – and I mean like that – and they can do it again. I would rather be Man City at the moment, in my opinion. Liverpool still have to go to the Etihad and I know Man City. They are a proper football team.

“If Liverpool turn up at the Etihad in a few weeks and play like they did in the first half, that will be the end of it.”

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