Mon. May 23rd, 2022

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle has certainly earned his top place in sports entertainment through his run in pro wrestling promotions. Aside from wrestling, he is also known as a 53-year-old father.

Angle shared a proud father-daughter moment on Instagram today. He expressed how overjoyed he was after his daughter Giuliana absolutely destroyed the swim race. Taking to Instagram, he expressed his joyful moment in the following words.

So Proud of my daughter Giuliana for crushing her swimming meet today! Never thought I would be a Swim Dad, but enjoying every second. And of course I had to do a good father pep talk before her race….Remember, If you’re not First…You’re Not a Gold medalist!! 

Angle is definitely a loving and caring father. Following his daughter’s fantastic performance at the swim meet, Angle proudly said that his daughter would become a future Olympian.

Angle’s WWE career peaked in 2005-2006, during that run his match with Undertaker at No Way Out is still considered an all-time classic. He recently opened up about that match and talked about how brutal Undertaker’s Last Ride to take was.

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