Fri. May 27th, 2022

News on the Tron front has been slow going as Disney seems more focused on its many other properties. Despite that, there are still a host of fans of both the original ’80s flick and 2010’s Tron Legacy that want to see more computer programmers jumping onto The Grid and throwing discs at sentient programs. One of those fans just happens to be Jared Leto, star of the upcoming Mobius. Leto has seemingly made it his mission to get another Tron film into theaters, announcing his involvement with the project at several points over the last few years. Now, as he makes the rounds for his turn as Marvel’s living vampire, he’s at it again with hints at a huge Tron update on the horizon.

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In an interview with Screen Rant, Leto said that he’s actively working with Disney on a new Tron film and that a final deal is getting “closer and closer.” He also promised an update “sooner rather than later,” but doesn’t seem to have any exact timing as to when he can reveal more, or even offer a confirmation that the film will move forward past the current talking stages.

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Leto has previously stated on several occasions that he’s playing a character called Aries in the proposed film and even revealed the film’s title as Tron: Aries in a now-deleted tweet. Despite Leto’s enthusiasm and a completed script in hand by scribe Jesse Wigutow, Disney is still just in the development stages on this third go for its original sci-fi cult classic.

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