Mon. May 23rd, 2022

Last week at Friday Night Smackdown, Big E suffered a career-threatening injury to his neck. He was soon taken to the hospital for treatment after being stretchered out of the arena. It was reported he was not in need of surgery, but the fractures he suffered take months to heal.

Big E suffered C1 and C6 fractures to his cervical spine; those do not need surgical intervention. Health Line notes that surgery is typically reserved for more complex cases, such as AODs, or when instability or neurologic compromise is present. However, the healing process for the mentioned fractures is a lengthy one.

With proper medication and regular physical therapy, C1 fracture takes about 8-12 weeks to recover. As for C6 fracture, it also takes about 12 weeks to heal, given the proper treatment is being carried on.

Big E is 36-years-old, so his age adds to the time needed for him to recover. Not to mention that he suffered two fractures; given these conditions, the total time required for him to get back on his feet significantly increases. All in all, Big E could be looking at 6 months or longer of recovery time, but every situation is unique.

Either way, it means we won’t see Big E making an in-ring return until next year, or who knows, it might even take longer than that. Big E saw outpouring of love from several WWE and AEW superstars after breaking his neck.

Ringside News sends him best of wishes for his long journey towards recovery.

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