Fri. May 27th, 2022

Hello Campers! Hi-de-Hi!, the classic 1980s BAFTA-winning sitcom from Dad’s Army creators Jimmy Perry and David Croft, is now available on Britbox in the UK, with all nine series ready to binge watch and bring some laughs.  There’s also a wonderful documentary called Hi-de-Hi!: All The Laughs & More arriving in 2022 on Channel 5 on Saturday March 26 at 7.45pm and then on streaming service My5. This features archive footage and personal memories from some of the show’s stars (see more on the documentary below).

So we’ve decided to take a look at the famous holiday camp comedy ourselves! Set in 1959 at the fictional holiday camp of Maplins in Crimpton-on-Sea, the hit show follows the antics of the camp’s Yellowcoats, most of them struggling actors or has-beens, as they try to entertain a stream of British holidaymakers. To foster some enthusiasm at the resort the staff would shout “Hi-de-Hi!” at the campers to which they’d expect the shouted response “Ho-de-Ho!”. This was typical of most British holiday camps back in the day!

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