Mon. May 23rd, 2022

ComingSoon is excited to share a clip from the queer mystery thriller The Falling World, which is set to premiere at the 2022 Cinequest Film Festival. It can be watched during the Cinejoy Virtual Fest from April 1-17.

“Set in 1992 on the eve of the Clinton-Bush election, a group of law students head to a remote upstate getaway. Lark joins Hadley, her boyfriend Arthur, and a group of other friends for a relaxing weekend,” says the official synopsis. “However, Lark accidentally learns of a previous tragedy at the property wherein a girl disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Suspicion abounds and questions about her fate begin to surface. Will these super bright minds be able to unravel what really happened?”

Check out The Falling World clip below:

Directed and written by Jaclyn Bethany, the film stars Ayumi Patterson, Isabelle Chester, Michael Rabe, Joshua David Robinson, Kaley Ronayne, Lucy Walters, Jonathan Kaplan, Anna Crivelli, and Dee Beasnael. A production by BKE Productions and Valmora productions, it is produced/executive produced by C.C. Kellogg and Isabelle Chester.

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