Mon. May 23rd, 2022

EastEnders fans were left worried as Tommy’s struggle with his bullies intensified this week. When Tommy took desperate measures, deciding to carry a knife for protection, they pondered just how far he might go to protect himself. And when Tuesday’s episode saw Kat take delivery of a mysterious parcel, fans could see the plot taking a terrible turn…


Tommy Moon in EastEnders

Tommy is running scared. (Image credit: BBC)

The bullies have been tormenting Tommy for weeks now. Tommy made a big mistake thinking that as his dad-to-be was Phil Mitchell, he could frighten the lads off. But he’s only ended up making things worse for himself and now the bullies – Matty and Sid – know Phil is safely behind bars and can do them no harm.

Things got worse after Tommy scuppered the lads’ attempts to steal the cash box from Billy’s stall. Blaming him for their loss, Sam and Matty demanded that Tommy pay them £50 or else – leaving him in more hot water than ever.

EastEnders Matty Sid Tommy

The bullies are piling on the pressure. (Image credit: BBC)

We later saw Lily worried for Dennis after she saw the bullies taunt him. Then, when tidying up, she spotted a knife he’d hidden in his bag. She gave him a stern warning – that knives are how kids end up dead. But another aspect of the episode made viewers fear that the knife was the least of their worries.

We earlier saw Kat refuse to take delivery of a package for Phil from. When she visited him in prison, Phil tried to persuade Kat to take the parcel. Later, she found herself reluctantly accepting the delivery. But she was shocked when she opened it up and discovered it contained a gun!

EastEnders Kat

Kat’s is shocked by her delivery… (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders gun

…which turns out to be non-returnable. (Image credit: BBC)

Soon, viewers predicted a connection between the two plots. They reckoned that Tommy could be about to make a terrible mistake in his battle against the bullies. A mistake that could have deadly consequences.

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