Fri. May 27th, 2022

EastEnders fans have surprised themselves by backing a paring that until now they were totally resistant to.

The change of heart came as Mick Carter continued to struggle the death of his niece (and sort of sister) Tina Carter. The Carters have been in bits since Tina’s body was discovered buried at the old Argee Bhajee restaurant.

The clan have had to come to terms with the fact that Gray killed Tina after she got too close to the truth about his wife Chantelle’s death.

Mick Janine Zack EastEnders

Zack revealed the truth about Tina’s death. (Image credit: BBC)

Recent episodes saw Shirley and Mick take some comfort after learning the details of Tina’s demise. A worried Zack persuaded copper Callum to find out the contents of Gray’s police interviews, and relayed what he found out.

While Mick and Shirley were horrified to hear that Gray strangled Tina, they at least knew that her death was quick, but the details also made her death all the more real and horrific.


Janine has been comforting Mick. (Image credit: BBC)

Janine was on hand to comfort Mick after the revelations, and in Friday’s episode she continued to offer support. Janine took Mick away from the Square to a remote lake, telling him to needed some time to reflect.

Janine opened up about the losses in her life, leaving Mick to finally express his feelings over what had happened. Crying out in grief, Mick finally let go.

Grateful to Janine, Mick leaned in for a kiss. Janine resisted, explaining that it wasn’t the right time for them. However, she did admit Mick was a “good kisser.”

EastEnders Janine Mick

The controversial kiss. (Image credit: BBC)

Of course, viewers have seen Janine plotting to win Mick’s affections for months now. The schemer even helped push Mick’s wife Linda back on the drink after she visited her at her pretending to be a wine merchant.

She quickly planted seeds of doubt in Linda’s mind about Mick – before leaving the recovering alcoholic with booze sat on the table in front of her.

Janine’s evil actions soon led to a permanent split for Mr and Mrs Carter.

EastEnders Janine Linda

Janine got Linda out of the picture. (Image credit: BBC)

Back then, viewers were adamant that Janine was bad news for Mick. But after this week’s scenes, some seem to have changed their mind ­­– with many backing the pairing.

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