Mon. May 23rd, 2022

Drake Wuertz is running for State House in Florida’s 30th district. The former WWE referee has faced plenty of controversy for his politics. Wuertz was fired from WWE after he made several controversial statements including appearances at local school board meetings to spread conspiracy theories.

A list of former pro wrestlers who donated to the Wuertz campaign was recently published. Former WWE superstar Biff Busick (who wrestled for Vince McMahon’s company as Oney Lorcan) was one of the names uncovered. Busick then took to Reddit to set the record straight.

Several people noticed that either Busick was lying or Drake Wuertz may have violated campaign finance laws. David Bixenspan tweeted out an astute observation to say, “Which option is funnier: Drake Wuertz actually violating campaign finance laws by hitting up friends for $ without saying it’s for his political campaign or Biff Busick/Oney Lorcan/Chris Girard making up that he did to dodge heat for a campaign donation?”

Busick claimed that he believed the donation was simply a loan to a friend. Reporter David Bixenspan then called out Busick on Twitter, noting that he was either lying or Drake was breaking the law. Biff continued to claim ignorance.

“Its clear I’m not a rocket scientist.”

If Biff Busick is telling the truth, then Drake Wuertz likely violated the law by not informing Biff that the money was for a political campaign. Busick has doubled down and stated he simply made a mistake. Wuertz could now be facing some hot water with the Florida Department of State.

Drake Wuertz is likely to use this to further his narrative that he is a political outsider being held down by the media. The truth is, either Biff Busick was coerced into a donation or lied about his support. There is not much room for a middle ground here.

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