Fri. May 27th, 2022

Disney+ has announced plans to introduce Sing-Along versions of beloved fan-favorite musicals, beginning with Walt Disney Animation Studios’ critically acclaimed film Encanto on Friday, March 18.

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Disney+ reports that on average, Encanto streamers have watched the film five times with the title accumulating over 180 million re-watches globally since launch. The new Sing-Along version of the film will allow fans to further immerse themselves in the magic of the music from Encanto.

You can check out a special look at the Sing-Along version of the movie below:

While watching the new Disney+ Sing-Along version of Encanto, subscribers can follow the on-screen lyrics and sing along to all their favorite songs from the movie including “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” “Family Madrigal,” “Surface Pressure,” “Dos Oruguitas” and more.

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Subscribers can look forward to the release of additional Sing-Alongs later this year on Disney+ across a range of titles, including Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Frozen, Frozen 2, Beauty and the Beast (1991), and Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast (2017).

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