Mon. May 23rd, 2022

It looks like Daredevil star Charlie Cox will stay busy inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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According to Production Weekly, a Daredevil reboot is in the works at Marvel Studios. While details are scarce, the show would likely star Charlie Cox and stream on Disney Plus. Other rumors have circulated lately about a new Daredevil show, so this production listing adds more fuel to the fire.

Cox, who famously starred in the Netflix Marvel Daredevil series, most recently reprised the role of Matt Murdock in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Lead Daredevil villain Kingpin also appeared in Hawkeye with actor Vincent D’Onofrio reprising the role. With both actors fully in the MCU fold, it’s clear Marvel has plans for the duo. Cox has also supported a PG-13 series for the character despite the Netflix show being darker in tone.

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The listing also comes after the Netflix Marvel shows were added to Disney+. Interestingly, the Daredevil television series and the other pre-Disney+ Marvel shows weren’t added to the official MCU timeline, putting their canon status in doubt. Daredevil originally streamed on Netflix for three seasons and 39 total episodes with Cox also appearing in The Defenders.

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