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Former Coronation Street actor Richard Fleeshman is looking worlds away from his time on the cobbles as he heads into the wrestling ring for ITV’s new comedy Deep Heat.

Richard played Craig Harris on Coronation Street from 2002 to 2006 when he was just 12 years old and has since gone on to star in other major productions.

Now, his current role sees him ditch the gothic clothes from Corrie for a pair of skimpy gold trunks as he takes on the role of conceited wrestler Nick Nitro in the upcoming comedy Deep Heat.

Rosie Webster and Craig Harris

Richard played Craig Harris on Coronation Street. (Image credit: ITV)

Deep Heat tells the story of wannabe wrestler Holly (Jahannah James) who is desperate to compete for her mum Pam’s (Pippa Haywood) company, Boss Pro, the oldest pro-wrestling company in northwest England.

Unfortunately, Pam has rejected the idea and insists that Holly should have a backstage role in the family business. 

Richard Fleeshman plays the cocky Deep Heat villain Nick Nitro.

Richard Fleeshman looks strikingly different from his Corrie days as wrestler Nick Nitro. (Image credit: ITV)

However, a big argument leads to Holly’s cocky wrestler brother Nick Nitro (Richard Fleeshman) to steal Boss Pro’s hottest stars to set up a rival company. A determined Holly steps into action to try to save Boss Pro by bringing together the company’s remaining misfit wrestlers but her success will depend on whether her mother will let her step into the ring herself.

Deep Heat has an extensive cast set to star in the drama including Sharon Rooney, Alistair Petrie, Max Olesker, Ivan Gonzalez, Abby Russell and guest appearances from Matt Lucas, John Thomson, Ben Ashenden and Carla Langley. We can also expect real-life British wrestlers to pop up during the series.

Deep Heat sees Richard Fleeshman as cocky wrestler Nick Nitro.

Deep Heat sees Richard Fleeshman as wrestler Nick Nitro. (Image credit: ITV)

Since making his TV acting debut on Corrie, Richard went on to appear in All The Small Things, Midsomer Murders, Call The Midwife, Reign and other shows. As well as starring in West End musicals such as Legally Blonde, Company, Ghost and more. He even supported Elton John on his tour in 2008.

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