Fri. May 27th, 2022

Conor McGregor’s nickname is Notorious for a reason. He is known for his antics in and outside of the Octagon. Now he is in a bit of legal trouble in his home country.

The Irish UFC star Conor McGregor found himself in legal trouble on Tuesday for dangerously driving in Ireland. He was arrested, and the car he was driving was also seized.

As per the report from Irish Independent, McGregor was pulled over in west Dublin while driving an expensive Bentley Continental GT. Officials say he committed not one but several traffic offenses, typical of Connor.

According to the outlet, the 33-year-old, Irish mixed martial artist was arrested but his car was soon returned to him. McGregor was taken to the local police station and was later released on the bail.

McGregor has since been charged reportedly charged with dangerous driving. For the past few week McGregor has been photographed multiple times sporting his Bentley in Ireland.

The UFC star has a court date scheduled next month for a hearing on the matter, the outlet further reported. It is elaborated that according to Irish Law, if he’s convicted on the count, he could face up to six months in jail.

Conor has been able to evade his legal problems in the past and it seems he will get out of this one too but we’ll have to see what happens. After breaking his leg in July 2021, Conor has been rehabbing in and out of Ireland with the plans of returning back to the UFC octagon as soon as possible.

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