Mon. May 23rd, 2022

The Bridge of Lies is a brand new afternoon game show on BBC1 hosted by EastEnders legend Ross Kemp. It sees contestants compete for cash by crossing a bridge made of stepping stones across the studio floor. The players must cross the floor safely by stepping on the ‘truths’ and avoiding the ‘lies’ after answering questions asked by Ross.

“‘It’s fair to say I’ve found myself in some dangerous situations in recent years, so I reckon I’m well-prepared for the jeopardy of The Bridge of Lies,” says Ross making a comparison with presenting some of his ‘danger’ documentaries such as Ross Kemp on Gangs, where he met street gang members in El Salvador, Ross Kemp in Afghanistan, Welcome to HMP Belmarsh, Ross Kemp: Extreme World and Britain’s Tiger Kings on ITV last year.

By admin