Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

Netflix is raising its monthly subscription fees for U.S. and Canadian subscribers, with the new prices taking immediate effect for new subscribers and expected to be applied to existing subscribers in the near future. This is the first subscription price hike for Netflix since October 2020. Variety was among the first to report the news.

According to Netflix’s Help Center, the new U.S. prices for Netflix’s three subscription plans are $9.99 for Basic (a $1 increase), $15.49 for Standard (a $1.50 increase) and $19.99 for Premium (a $2 increase). In Canada, the Standard plan is now $16.49 (CAD), a $1.50 (CAD) increase, while the Premium plan is now $20.99 (CAD), a $2 (CAD) increase; the Basic package remains the same for Canadian subscribers, $9.99 (CAD).

By admin