Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Malakai Black was absent from WWE television for quite a few months as creative had no plans for him. Despite making a return on Friday Night Smackdown back in May and starting a new feud with Big E, Black was released by WWE. Then he showed up in AEW prior to any 90-day non-compete clause ending, because he only had a 30-day non-compete clause thanks to a clerical error on WWE’s part.

Black had already stated on numerous occasions how restricted he was from a creative standpoint in AEW. He would eventually make his debut in AEW, where Black hoped for better fortunes.

Since his arrival in AEW, many fans have felt Malakai Black’s booking has been a mixed bag. While there have been moments of brilliance, fans feel he hasn’t lived up to his potential yet.

While speaking on Casual Conversations with The Classic, Black and talked about his pro wrestling character. Malakai Black admitted that there were some mistakes made when it comes to his character in WWE and AEW.

“So for me, the character work sticks and the wrestling progresses slowly. I want to be seen as effective and efficient. I will also be the first one to sometimes also say that both in NXT and WWE and AEW, yeah, we have made some errors, we have made some mistakes.

But you know, you also need to make mistakes to realize what you’ve done wrong so you can correct it again. Nothing is always ever absolute, right? So it’s all about finding what you need to change and redoing it and sometimes there was decisions that I made, sometimes it was decisions that they made….”

Malakai Black also hinted at the arrival of the House Of Black on this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite on TBS. We will have to wait and see how his booking will fare in the coming weeks.

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