Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

MLW officially began their legal fight against WWE this week when they filed their anti-trust lawsuit but there’s at least one person in the wrestling business who is siding with Vince McMahon’s company.

Current AEW and GCW star Joey Janela, who worked for Court Bauer’s MLW in 2018, said on Twitter that he hoped that WWE wins in court because MLW allegedly takes advantage of young talent.

Janela tweeted, “This dude has ‘No GCW’ written into his new contracts because I called him out for taking advantage of young talent… I hope the titan puts em out…” For those of you unaware, “the titan” is a reference to Titan Sports, the previous parent company name of WWF/E.

In another tweet, Janela said, “I know it’s the cool thing to support the underdog taking on the big dog, but this ain’t it…”

Janela also reacted to a tweet from filmmaker Giancarlo Dittamo, who stated, “I hope these guys know a lawyer costs more than $150 a month for 2 years.”

This isn’t the first time Janela has been critical of MLW. In 2020, he claimed that most of the MLW undercard gets paid less than $3,000 per year.

Janela’s tweet from September of 2020 stated, “Most of the undercard gets paid less than 3000 a year tbh, and Big court acts like he’s doing business around the world, private jet flying! Get lost you carny f*cks!”

You can see the tweets below:

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