Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

The Weeknd’s highly anticipated album Dawn FM is set to release on Friday, and ahead of its release, the artist has shared yet another teaser for it, with actor Jim Carrey appearing in it in voice-only form.

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The new teaser opens with Carrey’s voice being heard as he introduces us to “103.5 Dawn FM,” a radio station that will likely serve a large role in the upcoming album’s concept. Carrey’s voice then goes on to mention that listeners have been “in the dark for way too long,” and that it was time to “walk into the light, and accept your fate with open arms.” Some music from the upcoming album then begins playing.

You can check out the brief Dawn FM teaser below:

While it’s still unknown just what the latest album will be about, it’s likely that this will feature a narrative of sorts similar to his last album, After Hours. For After Hours, The Weeknd totally transformed, appearing in performances a character from the album that went from a bloodied and bandaged man to a man that had undergone some serious plastic surgery.

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For Jim Carrey’s role, it seems as if the legendary actor will be featured on the album as the radio DJ for the mysterious 103.5 Dawn FM. In a tweet sent out earlier this week, Carrey praised the album, saying that he had listened to it with The Weeknd and that it “danced” him around the room.

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