Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Now that he is no longer with WWE, Gabe Sapolsky is defending himself in regards to rumors that have circulated for years about burner accounts used to argue with fans.

The claim made by fans on social media and on the Wrestling Observer forum, among other places, is that Sapolsky would create accounts and then vanity search his name and then argue with people who were critical of his booking when he ran the EVOLVE promotion. Fans have claimed that he would also do this when he was in Ring Of Honor and that he would fire back at people on the ROH message board.

There is no proof that Sapolsky was behind the accounts and now he is speaking about it on Twitter. Sapolsky said, “As far as this burner account thing, I worked 24/7 at the top of my industry. To think I’d argue with fans about tribalism crap is idiotic. You are just telling on yourself if you think I waste my time on here with that crap.”

Sapolsky was part of the latest wave of WWE releases. He was the first booker for Ring Of Honor and later sold his EVOLVE promotion to WWE before working for the company as a consultant. In recent months, Sapolsky had helped to produce NXT segments and he was part of the creative end of things. He was also someone that was brought in by Triple H.

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