Sun. May 22nd, 2022

A national holiday isn’t always a great time for reflection. In fact, it’s usually a time for tuning out, eating and drinking too much and generally forgetting the wider world. But, on the day designated to commemorate Martin Luther King Jnr., you could do worse than spending time digging into films that explore MLK Jnr., his teachings and the world he tried to change.

As well as being an orator and charismatic storyteller Martin Luther King Jr. was at the heart of the civil rights struggle in the 1960s, an activist working for meaningful change in the lives of Black Americans. It’s easy to dismiss these types of movies as too sad or too serious (or both), for holiday viewing. But there’s so much that’s inspiring and enlightening in MLK’s philosophy that has relevance during our current challenging times, that we’d encourage you to take a closer look. We’ve pulled together a selection of films that cover a range of viewpoints. Some films are fictional, some tell the story of the man through his own words and documentary footage and some help build a picture of the turbulent struggles of the civil rights movements in the 60s. 

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