Sun. May 22nd, 2022

ComingSoon is debuting the exclusive teaser for the drama short Chaperone, starring Emmy nominee Zachary Quinto (American Horror Story, Star Trek franchise, The Boys in the Band) and Russell Kahn (Hundo, Dip). The LGBTQ+ short film will premiere virtually at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival.

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“An older man picks up a younger man in his car. As they drive, and subsequently settle into an austere rental house in the country, the details of their arrangement become guttingly clear,” reads the official logline.

Check out the exclusive Chaperone teaser below:

Chaperone came out of the throes of the pandemic. It’s a meditation on isolation, endings, and huge, irreversible decisions. I’m so excited to share my first film with audiences through Sundance, and feel so heartened by how the film has resonated with viewers so far,” said writer/director Sam Max.

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The short film is produced by Russell Kahn, Lio Mehiel, Patrick Murray, and Katie Schiller. Zachary Quinto executive produces.

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