Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

Prior to the launch of the highly anticipated Elden Ring, the character creator for the game has leaked, showing fans an updated look at the process.

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The footage of the new character creator comes from YouTuber ER-SA, who uploaded a six-minute video of themselves going through the various menus of the Elden Ring character creator menu. The footage likely comes from the closed network test that took place late last year. You can check out the Elden Ring character creator footage below:

For those who have played previous FromSoftware titles, the menu won’t look all that different. You’re able to choose through different classes that you can play as in the game, and can customize your character to look nearly any way you’d like. What is different from past FromSoftware titles, however, is that the characters actually look much more like actual people.

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In past titles like Dark Souls or Bloodborne, the created characters would often come out looking a bit off. This time around, though, the character models found in Elden Ring look much better, perhaps due to the boost in technology and power that current-generation consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X provide.

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