Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

Episode five certainly has a fitting title, as things really are starting to get flashy in Demon Slayer Season 2, especially with the animation.

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After the demon Daki finally revealed herself last episode, there’s now a battle on two fronts. On one side Tanjiro struggles to hold his own against the demon, and although there are only a few scenes focusing on this battle, Hinokami Kagura looks just as great in animation as always. One particular scene that stood out sees Tanjiro deflecting a bunch of blows from Daki’s weapon. It was just the sense of speed and impact that really seemed impressive.

This episode also makes it abundantly clear that Demon Slayer’s animation quality is only going up this season. This is good news considering many second seasons see a bit of a dip in quality, like the abysmal season two of Seven Deadly Sins. However, the series looks just as stunning as before and continues to be a standout.

The latter half of the episode focuses on Inosuki, while also delving into the past of Uzui and his wives. Inosuke shows off his incredible, but also gross, abilities once again as he dislocates every bone in his body to worm his way through a hole. He’s such a weird character because he’s inherently likable but off-putting all at the same time. Finally, we get the briefest glimpse at the power of Uzui, another Hashira to rival the skill of Rengoku. While it’s just a brief taste, seeing Uzui in battle is absolutely going to be a highlight of this season.

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While I don’t have any major problems with this episode, it feels a little out of place. The previous episode felt like it was building up to the dramatic fight between Tanjiro and Daki, which is barely a focus here. It’s definitely interesting to see the party fighting the same demon on two different fronts, but once again it just feels like an appetizer to the main event, and I wish we’d get there sooner.

SCORE: 7/10

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