Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Trek to Yomi was a striking reveal during Devolver Digital’s summer showcase that was cheekily titled Devolver MaxPass+. The black and white announcement trailer didn’t have much to show, but showed enough to turn some heads. Devolver has now given a slightly better look at the title with a new gameplay trailer that displays more of the action game inspired by the visuals seen in the most famous Japanese samurai films.

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The trailer shows the protagonist named Hiroki slicing and dicing his opponents in a ballet of violent swordplay. Hiroki can be seen countering attacks and executing opponents when he’s not retreating to use his bow or hand cannon. According to Devolver, patience and timing are vital parts to the combat, and “using the opponent’s strength against them” and getting them off balance is great strategy to use to come out on top.

And as indicated in the trailer, there will be multiple types of enemies from spearmen, archers, riflemen, and foes that are implied to be supernatural, which is also reinforced by the trailer’s final scene. Devolver even said it will have foes that “players will never see coming.” Hiroki can also be seen walking around in the environment and Devolver did imply that players could learn more attacks, but those other mechanics and systems are still under wraps.

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The trailer didn’t give any sort of release date outside of spring 2022, but Devolver just reiterated that it was coming to PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One and will launch on Game Pass.

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