Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

The most wonderful time of the year is finally here, and many decide to get in the festive mood by watching good, old Christmas movies.

The most popular streaming platform Netflix offers a wealth of great Christmas movies you can stream right away.

In the last several years, Netflix has grown massively to become the most used, most popular streaming service in the world. According to statistics released by Statista, the streaming service’s revenues went from US$1,3 billion to over US$15 billion in less than twelve years.

The same report also reveals, the number of Netflix subscribers increased from twenty-two million in 2011 to over two hundred and thirteen million in 2021. Needless to say, Netflix is a great place if you are looking for awesome Christmas movies.

Further, we take a look at the best holiday and Christmas-themed movies you can stream on Netflix. The list includes Alien Xmas, Holiday in the Wild, A Christmas Prince, White Christmas, and A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas.

Alien XmasIn
Alien Xmas, weird extraterrestrials that resemble creatures from the Reactoonz slot, want to steal the spirit of Christmas. The alien Grinch can only be stopped by a small extraterrestrial called X.

The animated movie was released in 2020. It is directed by Stephen Chiodo and written by Noah Kloor, Dan Clark, and Kealan O’Rourke. Alien Xmas is inspired by the same-titled book by Jim Strain and Stephen Chiodo.

The voices of Dee Bradley Baker, Michelle Deco, Keythe Farley, and Barbara Goodson are featured in the movie. If you are looking for a different kind of Christmas magic, Alien Xmas does not disappoint.

Holiday in the Wild
Holiday in the Wild hit the movie industry back in 2019. In the movie, Rob Lowe plays Derek while Kristin Davis appears as Kate. John Owen Lowe, Fezile Mpela, Thandi Puren, Keeno Lee Hector, and Colin Moss also appear in the movie.

The plot is centered around Kate who just sent her only son off to college. Her plan to spend some time with her husband in Africa falls apart after her husband leaves her.

Kate decides to take the trip alone. In Africa, she meets a handsome vet played by Rob Low who helps her rediscover her passion for animals. Without revealing too much, the movie has a powerful message.

A Christmas Prince
Those who are into royalty movies should definitely take a look at A Christmas Prince. The movie was released in 2017. It stars Rose McIver as Amber, Ben Lamb as Prince Richard, Honor Kneafsey as Princess Emily, and Alice Krige as Queen Helena.

This was Netflix’s first venture into the world of rom-coms. It was a huge success so the production company released a sequel in 2018 and another movie in 2019.

The first movie follows a journalist Amber who goes undercover to write a story on a handsome single prince. As expected, the two end up falling in love, but nothing without the usual hiccups.

White Christmas
Released in 1954, White Christmas is a true classic. In the movie, Bing Crosby plays Bob Wallace while Rosemary Clooney plays Betty Haynes.

This is definitely a must-watch Christmas movie for all fans of classic Hollywood movies. The plot centers around a successful dance and song team who get more than they bargained for after falling madly in love.

A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas
We have to include at least one comedy movie on this list, and A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas is your ultimate Christmas comedy treat.

The movie was released in 2011 and this is the third movie in the Harold and Kumar series. Six years after Harold and Kumar escaped Guantanamo Bay prison, they reunite to celebrate Christmas together. As expected, a series of misadventures follow.

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