Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

Fans have been anxiously awaiting any news surrounding Telltale Games’ highly anticipated The Wolf Among Us 2 after its surprise announcement following the developer’s implosion in 2018 and revival in the following year. The game fell silent after the announcement, but now Telltale Games has broken that silence and given an update on the title.

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In a post that detailed the studios’ The Expanse game that was announced during The Game Awards 2021, Telltale also touched base on The Wolf Among Us 2.

“Back in December of 2019, we revealed TWAU2 going into pre-production,” said the blog post. “The team is hard at work, but you may have noticed we did not have anything new to say about it for The Game Awards.”

The article went on to thank fans for their patience and noted that Telltale knows the audience has a ton of questions that it can answer soon enough.

“We know that you, our fans, have been incredibly patient and supportive. We also know that you’ve got a BUNCH of questions about what’s happening at Telltale (and in Fabletown) — we see them every day in social media. Good news is that we will be able to answer some of your questions soon…”

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The update ended by promising fans that it will have something that the audience could “sink [their] teeth into” early next year. The history of The Wolf Among Us 2 is a long one, as the initial game launched to stellar reviews, but hopes of a sequel seemed to fade when Telltale laid off its entire staff in September 2018.

However, after being acquired by LCG Entertainment in 2019, the studio was essentially revived, and production on a sequel — as well as other games — began. Not too much is known about The Wolf Among Us 2, but Telltale has said in the past that, unlike its past games, this would not be an episodic adventure, but one continuous, unbroken season.

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