Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

Shane Tayler appeared on Busted Open Radio ahead of ROH Final Battle Battle.

Bully Ray asked Taylor, “Do you think that Ring of Honor ever truly understood Shane Taylor or understood Shane Taylor promotions and got it, and got on board with it?”

Taylor:  “No, no at all.  We are a strong, black, proud group. We are for everyone.  This isn’t saying we are anti-anybody because we’re not.  We are for everyone, but we aren’t for everybody.  There are people who are going to hear what I say and the things that I talk about and take them as a negative instead of a positive.  There’s a lot of people who did that when this first started.  They didn’t want to market it.  They didn’t want to promote it.  They hated the idea.  They thought it was bad for the company.  This is not a rumor.  This is not hearsay.  This is what I was told.

Two years later, we’ve turned that around.  Now we have the following.  Now people are cheering.  Now the loudest cheers that you hear are for us and our guys, and I haven’t changed the message.  I haven’t done anything different.  With us, I feel like there was all the potential in the world to have everything right here, and we simply just ran out of time.  It’s unfortunate that more people didn’t understand it.  I’m very appreciative of the ones that did and the performers that we got to work with that believed in us as well, and did the things they did for us to help elevate us the way they did, but now that loss is someone else’s gain.  We’ll be able to do what we’re supposed to do and capitalize on that.”

Taylor will wrestle Kenny King tonight at ROH Final Battle.

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