Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Scarlett Bordeaux has stayed busy now that she is no longer with WWE as the company released her alongside her fiance, Karrion Kross, earlier this year.

The couple found success before they went to WWE then had a memorable run in NXT, but WWE never used her on television when they called up Kross to the main roster as part of the Raw brand.

Bordeaux did a virtual signing hosted by K & S WrestleFest. During it, a fan mentioned how they would like to see her return Impact Wrestling. However, she ruled out that possibility.

“We’re not going back there. We’re not going back there. No [Scarlett laughed]. No [there’s no reason to share why I wouldn’t go back to Impact]. Thanks for asking though.”

While with WWE, she did work one dark match at a SmackDown event. Scarlett noted that there were conversations about adding her last name back, which was something she feared could happen as she came up with the ring name before joining the company and she didn’t want the company to secure the trademark rights to it.

“That was my biggest fear at WWE was that they were gonna buy my name and then once I left, I was gonna have to change it because I am very — love my name and other people had their names purchased. Karrion [Kross], ‘Karrion’ is not his but he got to keep Killer Kross which he’s very, very happy about. If I would have been official main roster, I know they would’ve bought [it] and they were talking about adding back the ‘Bordeaux’ and I’m like, ‘They’re already talking about it. They’re gonna buy my name and that means later on I can’t have it’ so I’m actually really happy that didn’t happen. I built it, you know?”

Kross is still under a 90-day non-compete clause since he was a part of the main roster while Scarlette had an NXT deal, which only has a 30-day non-compete clause.

H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcription

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