Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Sammy Guevara took to Twitter this afternoon to address the small mob of “fans” on Twitter that jumped to conclusions and then attacked him and Tay Conti over their friendship.

As previously noted, some fans are assuming that Conti is the reason why Guevara broke up with his long-time girlfriend Pam Nizio. Although he really shouldn’t have to do this, Guevara debunked the pointless speculation with the following tweet:

“This shouldn’t have to be said… but my relationship with Pam ending had nothing to do with ANYONE else. Pam and I broke up back in October and just now felt was the time to make it publicly known. So please stop pointing fingers and looking for someone to blame.”

Hopefully, that puts an end to some of the trolls online looking to stir things up for no reason.

By admin