Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

Despite worsening symptoms from her brain tumour, Jac Naylor is all set for an important meeting with the Clinical Strategy Directorate to discuss pulling Holby out of ‘Recovery Support’. 

Jac, Hanssen, and Max are surprised that Regina Marriot is the new CSD director and she wants a tour of the hospital. Jac doesn’t have time to show her around, though, as she’s overseeing a crucial operation on Darwin.

Rosie Marcel Jac Naylor

Can Jac suppress her symptoms enough to impress Regina? (Image credit: BBC)

Max is extremely worried about Jac, who promises to get through the presentation then focus on herself. Later, when Jac makes a breakthrough in theatre, Regina’s impressed. Can Jac now save the hospital – or could she be in jeopardy?

Nicky McKendrick (Belinda Owusu) is back from maternity leave and operating on Darwin, but she’s forgotten to arrange childcare for baby Juliet. Scrambling for a babysitter, Nicky asks Eli’s wife Amelia for help, unaware of her recent miscarriage. 

Lucy Briggs-Owen plays Amelia Ibrahimi in Holby City

Amelia is left holding the baby – but will she cope? (Image credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, a patient’s death means Russ has a transplant liver but no one to put it in. Hanssen helps Russ find Alan, a viable recipient. Alan, however, is getting married that afternoon and refuses the op – can his bride-to-be help him see sense? 

Patient Alan Holby City

Patient Alan doesn’t want surgery – can he be persuaded? (Image credit: BBC)

Also, is Madge’s posturing hiding problems at home?

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