Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Emmerdale fans were left predicting the end for Manpreet after killer Meena finally confessed her shocking list of murders – before planting a twisted kiss full on her sister’s lips.

Emmerdale Meena and Manpreet

Mean Meena taunted her sister. (Image credit: ITV)

With Manpreet held hostage tied to the bed in Wendy’s house, Meena started to reminisce about the pair’s childhood.

As she spoke, she began slowly exposing her twisted ways, but nothing could prepare Manpreet for what was to come.

Emmerdale Meena and Manpreet

Manpreet’s hubby Rishi was worried. (Image credit: ITV)

Outside, meanwhile, Manpreet’s estranged husband Rishi was concerned about her absence, especially after he heard noises from the house.

Meena thought on her feet and claimed that Manpreet had headed to Ibiza to recuperate in the sunshine following her injuries in the Woolpack explosion, and blaming the noise on Princess the dog.

And with Wendy away visiting her son, Luke, Manpreet was left totally at Meena’s mercy.

Emmerdale Meena and Manpreet

Manpreet could only take her sister’s revelations lying down. (Image credit: ITV)

Soon, Meena began to talk about her murders, and happily listed her entire catalogue of killings murders to a shocked Manpreet.

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