Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

EastEnders fan favourites Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) and Callum Highway’s (Tony Clay) relationship could be in danger when they meet an attractive man later this month.

Ben and Callum, also known as ‘Ballum’ tied the knot in May this year and fans have been loving their relationship ever since. But as the couple continue to settle into their married life, another interesting storyline is set to pop up for the pair when they spot a handsome man in the market.

The couple have had a few problems arise since their marriage. Callum has had some insecurities when there was a surprise appearance from one of Ben’s ex-lovers, making him anxious about Ben’s dating past. Ben has also had some worries since Callum was given a phone number by a flirty guy. 

Callum Highway gets chatted up in EastEnders

Callum was given a flirty guy’s number, which left Ben Mitchell heartbroken. (Image credit: BBC)

In scenes set to air later this month, after Ben and Callum see the stranger in the market, the pair later bump into him at The Prince Albert. Callum invites him to have a drink with them, and, as they chat the night away, their conversation soon spirals. What could it be about?

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