Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Dead by Daylight has seen its share of Western horror film icons. However, its next piece of DLC is going to the far East. Chapter 23 of the online horror multiplayer game will seeing a crossover from Ringu, the Japanese horror novel and film. The DLC is slated for sometime in March 2022.

Developer Behaviour Interactive announced the crossover earlier this week through a ominous trailer. The video just slowly moves around the infamous well from the series before ending on the release window. Behaviour didn’t speak much more about it, but it’s probably that Sadako Yamamura will be the killer included in the pack.

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However, Game Director Mathieu Côté spoke to Polygon more about the DLC, saying it was “very high” on his list of collaborations and a “dream come true.” He couldn’t quite confirm if the Killer would be more in lines with the film or movie, but he did say that the team is trying to “stay true to the source material” and “bring the character to life” in a way that satisfies the Kadokawa Corporation, the company that owns the Ringu franchise.

Côté also said that, like all of its Killers, the narrative and background will influence the Killer’s gameplay, whatever that may be. And since the Killer isn’t a slasher-type villain, players can expect a whole different array of unique mechanics and features.

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Côté also noted that Survivors wouldn’t be left out and Survivor mains can look forward to “quite a surprise.” “True fans,” according to Côté, of Ringu will “be excited” but he could not elaborate on what the surprise was.

Dead by Daylight has seen many, many characters from other films and other video games. The game has gotten DLC based around Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw MassacreA Nightmare on Elm Street, Saw, Evil Dead, ScreamResident Evil, Silent Hill, and more. It’s also currently holding a holiday-themed event with snowmen and festive decorations and cosmetics.

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