Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

D-Von Dudley revealed that he is set to undergo the knife during a recent episode of the Table Talk podcast.

The WWE Hall of Famer, who hasn’t wrestled since 2016 and currently works as a producer for the company, previously mentioned that he has multiple bulging discs in his middle and lower back as his spine has shifted and is now touching nerves.

On the show, he noted he will be getting minor back surgery done next week.

“I go to see my surgeon, I saw three different surgeons. The third one, WWE was comfortable with it. I go on December 8th for a minor procedure. I go for the consultation on December 8 and he’ll give me the date on when it’ll happen. They’ll go in with a thin needle, get the disc, fuse it, move it back to where it needs to be, put the bolt and screw in and I’m good to go. They said about two to three weeks tops.”

He continued by stating that he has dealt with this since 2010. He put over WWE for giving out health insurance so he won’t have to pay out of his pocket to get it taken care of.

He later added, “I’ve got something that everyone in pro wrestling is dealing with…and I’m going to get it fixed. It’s like having your knee scoped. I’m going in to get the back scraped.”

You can watch the entire podcast by clicking on the player below (quotes can be found around the 10:45 mark):

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