Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

There was a story in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter about the recent signing of Kevin Owens. There has also been some locker room talk about Sami Zayn signing a new deal but that has not been confirmed yet.

Dave Meltzer cited a WWE source saying that the price point for Owens ($2-3 million per year for 3 years) that AEW would have been unlikely to match is “in line with what I heard,” according to a key player in the company. “Someone in his position, who can come in and out of the main events, upper mid card, will make that level at this time. But he won’t get the 90-day clause waived. He wasn’t going to get more money.”

The source added, “The 2-3 million a year range is so blinding to people, they sign, not realizing it’s a 90 day contract that renews every day at WWE’s sole discretion. It’s how they ‘got’ Windham Rotunda. He was going to get 3 mil, 3 year term. They went to a 5 year term. He held. They inched up towards 4. He jumped at it. But it’s still a 90 day contract. And with the higher number, it takes less and less to trigger the release.”

Meltzer also noted that the no-cut deal means that WWE can still release Owens at any time if they feel that his value to them has dropped or if they lose interest in him or if the company finances decline. There were several examples of this. In addition to the Bray Wyatt example, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson signed lucrative deals to stay with WWE and then were released less than a year later.

The current contract would take him through January 31, 2025. WWE has clauses in contracts that allow them to extend the deal if a wrestler needs time off to rehab an injury.

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