Fri. Dec 3rd, 2021

Wrestling fans are interested in what’s going on behind the scenes as there are many instances where finding out what’s happening with creative plans or contracts is more intriguing than what is portrayed in storylines on television.

With the WWE talent cuts on Thursday, there has been a lot of news regarding those releases as well as what the company did and did not have planned for those wrestlers have come out.

WWE producer Shane Helms responded to various people on Twitter regarding backstage news reports. He advised that fans should invest their time and energy in the product rather than the behind the scenes happenings.

He first wrote, “I promise all wrestling fans, if you stop investing in this ‘behind the scenes’ rumor-mill horseshit, you’ll enjoy Pro Wrestling soooo much more. Imagine giving this much attention to ‘behind the scenes shit’ with movies and other TV shows? Why?? Sooo stupid.”

You can see his other tweets below:


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