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Any long-running TV show will have a bevy of guest stars, ranging from the iconic to the “I never knew he was in that before he was famous!” With the announcement of a sequel series to That 70s Show in development at Netflix, we thought we’d sit down and take a look at some of the most memorable guest stars of the original.

Nick Bakay – Episode 1.13

Better known as the voice of Salem Saberhagen from ’90s classic Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Nick Bakay is an absolute riot as the trucker Gus who picks up a stranded Kelso in the middle of a snowstorm. Kelso is currently in a fight with Eric and spills his guts, leading Gus to assume that Kelso is as flaming gay as he is, while Kelso has, as usual, no idea what’s going on. The plot isn’t even a major part of the episode, but it’s arguably the funniest, and Bakay and Kutcher play off each other excellently.

Betty White

A comic legend, Betty White had to be included on this list. Guest starring in four episodes, she played Eric’s grandmother and Kitty’s mother, Bea Sigurdson. Quite frankly, Bea is an atrocious woman, which makes it so much fun to watch Betty White enjoying herself, switching from the calm and sweet old lady to nasty and rude at the drop of a hat, with an absolute deadpan sense of humor. Fortunately, she wasn’t the grandmother that Eric ended up accidentally killing, but nonetheless, she isn’t seen again after her arc in season 5. Cameo in That 90s Show perhaps?

Joseph Gordon Levitt – Episode 1.11

Taking a break from starring on Third Rock from the Sun, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Buddy Morgan, Eric’s lab partner and new best friend with a Trans-AM. Bringing his trademark happy-go-lucky charm to the role, Gordon-Levitt works as such a perfect foil for the equally nerdy if less socially aware Eric. His comedic timing, particularly when making a move on Eric, was also gold. The message of the episode is also quite sweet at the end, which is a bit of a rarity for the show and makes it all the nicer.

Seth Green

A classmate of Eric, Kelso, and Fez, Seth Green brings his usual geeky charm to the role of Mitch, who also happens to be a complete and utter bastard. He plays off the rest of the group well, gets knocked out by a golf ball, and out-geeked by Eric; what more can you ask from a guest spot? Green’s comedic style suits the show right down to the ground, and as both a friend and enemy to the group, he’s one of the more memorable guest characters.

Billy Dee Williams – Episode 6.14

Of course, there had to be a Star Wars guest in That 70s Show! With Eric’s over-the-top devotion to the movie, it would have been a crime not to. Thankfully, Billy Dee Williams didn’t mind having several jokes poked at the franchise, partly at his expense. Playing a pastor whom Donna and Eric are sent to for pre-marital counseling, he’s (obviously) just as obsessed with Star Wars as Eric is and drives Donna up the wall. Bonus points in that he also plays quite a believable pastor.

Mary Tyler Moore – Episode 8.10

One of the darlings of the ’70s and the star of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, naturally, Moore’s guest appearance was a perfect fit. She was also a highlight of the eighth season, playing Christine St. George, a talk show host whom Jackie idolized. With charm, vivacity, and over-the-top hilarious acting, Moore’s trip back to the ’70s was long overdue.

French Stewart – Episode 4.04

Kelso almost didn’t win his Volkswagon Samba bus, courtesy of guest star French Stewart playing the almost supremely irritating Daniel. From the moment Stewart enters the screen, he just oozes obnoxiousness. Determined to win at any cost, he tricks Bob and well, Kelso’s not exactly all that smart, so it’s not hard to trick him into a coffee-drinking contest. While Jackie manages to just barely out-annoy him, Stewart is just so fantastically over the top about how amazing he is at winning radio contests, of all things, that it’s hard not to love watching him. Being in a contest with him, that’d be a different story.

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