Fri. Dec 3rd, 2021

Kelly Neelan (played by Millie Gibson) may have finally been released from that Young Offenders Institute… but now it seems her life is going from bad to worse on Coronation Street.

Kelly doesn’t feel welcome back on the Street after her involvement in the hate crime attack that led to the death of Seb Franklin.

Although it was Corey Brent who was found guilty of causing Seb’s death and landing Seb’s girlfriend, Nina Lucas (Mollie Gallagher) in hospital, many of the Weatherfield locals remain convinced that Kelly is guilty by association.

So on tonight’s DOUBLE-BILL of the ITV soap, we saw homeless Kelly roughing it on the streets of Weatherfield.

Coronation Street, Kelly Neelan, Alan, Receptionist

A sleazy businessman took a fancy to homeless Kelly on tonight’s Coronation Street on ITV. (Image credit: ITV)

After Kelly’s bag of belongings got stolen and her mobile phone battery went flat, she sneaked into a hotel to charge her phone.

A suspicious hotel receptionist Anita (Shamia Chalabi) challenged Kelly on whether she was a hotel guest.

Just when it looked like Kelly was caught-out, a suited and booted businessman, Alan (Gareth Kane) came to her rescue, claiming Kelly was his “daughter” and they were both staying in Room 34!

But awful Alan had an ulterior motive in helping Kelly.

After telling Kelly that he thought she was beautiful, he told her to knock on his hotel door if she needed anything else.

Desperate for money, Kelly eventually took Alan up on his offer.

But things took an alarming turn when sleazy Alan began to get physical and made it clear he wanted to sleep with her…

While Alan was in the shower, Kelly attempted to steal the businessman’s wallet and do a runner.

Unfortunately, Alan caught her in the act and Kelly had no choice but to fight back against the predator and make her escape…

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