Fri. Dec 3rd, 2021

Resident Evil 4 VR is getting The Mercenaries DLC for free in the near future according to a video that was accidentally uploaded early.

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The video, which has since been removed, was initially uploaded to Oculus’ YouTube channel and confirmed that The Mercenaries DLC for the game would be arriving in 2022 at no extra cost.

However, fans have since pulled the Resident Evil 4 VR trailer and re-uploaded it, and you can check it out below:

Not too much is known about the upcoming DLC, but the trailer does note that it is coming in 2022 and will be free to owners of the game. Resident Evil 4 VR was released last month for the Quest 2 and featured remastered art, the inclusion of 3D spatial sound, and a brand-new first-person perspective to the game.

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Included in the original release of Resident Evil 4, The Mercenaries was an unlockable minigame that players could try out after beating the game on any difficulty. In it, players race against the clock to earn points by taking down various zombies before being evacuated from the area before the time is up. One of the biggest aspects of the mode was keeping your combo up by taking down as many zombies as possible as fast as you could.

Resident Evil 4 VR is now available on Quest 2.

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