Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

The Xbox Series X just hit its first year on the market and now Gucci is celebrating in style. The fashion company announced a limited version of the console that comes with a share of extras and a hefty $10,000 price tag. It goes on sale on November 17.

Gucci made an extravagant post about the extravagant Xbox on its site. These 100 Xbox Series X consoles — that are all numbered — come with two base controllers (not the Elite controllers from the looks of it) that have a blue and red stripe inspired by the typical Gucci House Web found on many of its products. The console itself has laser imprints of “GG” on it, which not only represent Gucci founder Guccio Gucci, but also, as stated by the website, the “gaming phrase” for “good game.”

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The most flashy part of the package is the gigantic case. Not only does it have the aforementioned red and blue stripe and GG logo, but it also has many assorted pockets and compartments for the console and its accessories. And finally, it comes with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, but does not specify how many months it comes with. This luxury Xbox will be in certain Gucci stores in New York, Beverly Hills, Mexico City, Milan, London, Berlin, Beijing, and Toyko.

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Gucci isn’t typically known for its video game collaborations. However, it does have a whole arcade on its website that features many simplistic titles that are “inspired by vintage video games from the 1970s and 1980s.” And Gucci has also recently been putting its brand into games like Pokémon GoRoblox, and avatar-building game Zepeto.

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