Fri. Dec 3rd, 2021

Marvel and Skydance New Media announced just last week that the two were collaborating on a new video game. This mystery title was set to be the first game from the studio led by Amy Hennig, known for her extensive work on the Uncharted franchise, and Electronic Arts veteran Julian Beak. It was all pretty vague until writer and FatMan Beyond co-host Marc Bernardin revealed on the November 2 episode of the show that he was a writer on the game. Bernardin, along with director and fellow co-host Kevin Smith, started teasing the title and what heroes it could possibly star.

As pointed out by MinnMax’s Ben Hanson, the duo started speaking about the game around 39 minutes into the show. Bernardin said he has been working on the game for the “better part of a year” and spoke about the differences of writing a video game when compared to other art forms, mainly the struggles in crafting a tale in a medium that usually doesn’t cut away from its protagonists to other storylines.

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Smith then started looking at the chat and seeing guesses of what it could possibly be before saying that one of them “nailed it dead.” There were a ton of guesses from Aunt May, Daredevil, Howard the Duck, Ant-Man, and the Fantastic Four. Some members kept bringing up Midnight Sons, but Firaxis Games is already handling that side of Marvel in the recently delayed Midnight Suns. Smith also brought up Hawkeye and talked about arrows and quivers just prior so it’s unclear if that was a cheeky nod, a purposeful misdirect, or a coincidence. Hanson posited that Ant-Man and the Fantastic Four were the most likely, with the latter getting his vote.

Bernardin later said the game was “removed one step from the MCU proper,” which has been the case with the other Marvel titles since none are related to the films. Outside of some coy Easter eggs in Spider-Man and Iron Man VR that make references to other recent Marvel games, the video games are likely not even overtly in the same universe as each other (at this point, at least).

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Bernardin has worked on many Marvel comics in the past, writing for Wolverine, X-Men, and Spider-Man as well as DC Comics’ Lobo and Static Shock. Hennig is mostly known for the PlayStation 3-era Uncharted games, but also played a key role in the Legacy of Kain series. She was set to make a game in the Star Wars universe codenamed Ragtag, but that project was canceled. Hennig is also writing Square Enix’s upcoming game Forspoken.

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