Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

PWInsider is reporting that there was a “LONG” (written in capital letters) production meeting on Monday during the hours before Monday Night Raw.

Vince McMahon was said to be present for the meeting in the afternoon and then left before the live broadcast. It’s unclear why McMahon left before the show but the long meeting may have had something to do with the unusual format for last night’s show. There were longer matches than usual and it felt like they were stretching for time to fill in for segments that were pulled. For example, the main event segment got started shortly before 10:30 pm eastern.

It was also noted that Bruce Prichard was not in attendance. He would usually be left in charge to run the show when McMahon or Triple H are not there. Last night, John Laurinaitis ran things backstage.

Last night’s show included two heel turns. Doudrop turned heel and started a program with Bianca Belair and Kevin Owens turned on Big E at the end of the show to set up for a future title program that may end up being Owens’ final high profile storyline before his contract expires in late January.

PWI adds that there were no NXT wrestlers backstage at the show.

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