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Jennifer Tilly has become almost as integral a part of the Chucky franchise as the demonic doll himself, but she revealed in a new interview that she once doubted that she would be welcomed back to the role of Tiffany thanks to a less than positive response by the studio to Seed of Chucky, the fifth movie in the series and direct sequel to Bride of Chucky, which brought Tilly to the role in the first place. As a solid fan favorite, it is hard to imagine that Tiffany’s role in the future of the franchise was in doubt provided Tilly wanted to be a part of it, but at one point she certainly did not think she would play the part again. She told


“I sort of understood that I couldn’t play Tiffany forever. And after Seed of Chucky, the studio was like, ‘That was too gay, it was too funny, and there was too much Jennifer Tilly;’ because Seed of Chucky was sort of the apex of gayness that we had John Waters and the genderfluid kid and me walking around making wisecracks and I was a doll and Jennifer Tilly. So they [were] sort of like, ‘Okay, you’ve had your fun. Let’s put that to rest.’ So I understood it was going to be a whole new situation.”

Now of course, having appeared in 2014’s Curse of Chucky and Cult of Chucky three years later, it seemed almost a foregone conclusion that she would be making an appearance in Don Mancini’s new TV series based on the franchise. When offered the chance to play Tiffany again, Jennifer Tilly was not going to pass up the chance, as for a woman in her sixties, she revealed that there just aren’t many roles offered to her where she gets to play that kind of character.

“I have to say, it’s so fabulous to get on the set and put on my push up bra and my high heels and strut around and do all this stuff that I haven’t done for a long time. Because you know, you get to certain age, all of a sudden you don’t have any more sex scenes or kissing scenes and they don’t really want to see you in the sexy dresses anymore. So it’s just like, Tiffany is such a fun, campy delight. Like I always love playing her and he wrote so much stuff for me to do.”

When it comes to the Chucky TV series, she said that there is a lot for fans to enjoy in the show. “It just gets crazier and crazier. The last episode is absolutely bonkers. I think the fans are going to be thrilled, but every time I have, when I was watching this and especially with the backstory, I had no idea that Tiffany was so evil. I always thought she was just a really sweet girl that had been led astray. But I think I’m a little delusional; as an actress, you find the good in somebody. I was like, ‘Oh, she’s a mother and she’s got a complicated kid and she likes Martha Stewart. She loves her man. And you know, once in a while she has a little slip and she accidentally kills somebody, but then she feels really bad.'”

New episodes of Chucky air each week on SYFY and USA Network, which will bring much more of Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany. This story comes to us from

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